Orthodontic Emergencies in New York City

Loose Wire or Band?

Don’t be alarmed if a wire or band comes loose. This happens occasionally. Dr. Jacquie Smiles provides orthodontic emergencies for her patients in NYC. If a wire protrudes and is irritating, use a blunt instrument (back of spoon or the eraser end of a pencil) and carefully, gently push the irritating wire under the archwire. Simply get it out of the way. If irritation to the lips or mouth continues, place wax or wet cotton on the wire to reduce the annoyance. Call our office as soon as possible for an appointment to check and repair the appliances. If any piece comes off, save it and bring it with you to the office.

Sharp Aligner?

Sometimes a new aligner may “dig” or be slightly uncomfortable causing some minor irritation on your gum tissue. Keeping an emery board handy and smoothing off the offended portion will keep you on track and keep you smiling more!

Emergency Care

As a general rule, an emergency appointment may be made when there is severe pain, a loose band, a broken wire or something sticking out that you can’t take care of. It’s important to know the names of the parts of your appliances. It will help, when you phone our office, to be able to identify what part is broken or out of place. If you have an orthodontic emergencies, please visit NYC offices of Dr. Jacquie Smiles or call 888-787-8764 to setup you appointment.