Dr. Jacquie Smiles’ Kits Brighten Your Smile At-Home

When we look at Hollywood A-list celebrities, we see nothing short of fabulous. Their skin looks perfect, they are always dressed to impress and to top it off, they accessorize with a killer smile. Flashing your pearly whites has a lot more power than just looking radiant. A bright, inviting smile can have a better […]

Win Your Smile Back Featured on New Theory

The battle against smoking is one of the hardest to win. It takes determination, commitment and hard work  to walk away from something you’ve done the majority of your life. With each disturbing commercial, new warning and loss of life, people are putting out there last cigarette and taking strides to a healthier way of living. […]

Busy Girl’s Guide To Get Whiter Teeth

Ladies, let’s be real: we all want to look good all of the time in our beautiful NYC, but the thing is it takes time… and sometimes, LOTS OF IT. Between the hair, the makeup, and picking out the perfect outfit, looking pretty can be like a full-time job, and often times we’re just too busy […]