Transform Your Dating Profile

A recent poll made headlines after it explored the most important physical characteristics for securing a potential date online. Aside from the obvious answers, eyes and body, teeth shined bright at the very top of the list. Over 50% of survey participants agreed a smile is what sealed the deal. The appearance of one’s teeth […]

Funny Invisalign Memes

We are going to see Dr. Jacquie Smiles for Invisalign Keep Calm and Wear Invisible Braces Traditional Braces Vs Invisalign – Which one would you choose? Braces or Invisalign? How to know which is right for you To Invisalign or not to Invisalign. That is the question… Oh you had Invisalign? Tell me again how […]

AcceleDent is like an E-Zpass for Your Smile

AcceleDent is a new FDA approved treatment that is currently offered in Dr. Jacquie Smile’s dental offices in her 4 locations in NYC, NJ, Woodbury and Monroe. Acceldent helps accelerate treatment times for braces and orthodontic appliances. Instead of wearing traditional braces for up to two years, Acceledent may reduce the length of treatment for adults, teens […]

How Veneers Will Steer You Towards a Beautiful Smile: Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Restorations

If you are seeking a way to straighten or improve your smile, then you may want to consider veneers. Today, veneers are a trending restoration as they are as resilient as they are attractive. The following information can help you better understand the advantages associated with this type of dental upgrade. Veneer Advantages Veneers Can […]